2014 is here, a new year for Ignition!

Posted on : 26-01-2014 | By : Luke | In : Press


Hi all,

2013 was quite a year, and a very busy year for Ignition. Bring on 2014!

So busy, we have not had time to update our site! But with a new year, comes new things, and a website refresh is one of those things on our list..

Coming soon!

New Team on Board

Posted on : 18-01-2013 | By : Shannon | In : Press

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Shhhh ;) image

We’ve been quite busy here in the office of late.

Not only have we been working on our own title, but we’ve also been working on a few exciting client projects too… But SHhhhhhh, nothing we can tell you about at the moment ;)

What we can share with you, is that the studio has been expanding. We have a new team of inspiring and talented individuals working with us on some exciting projects!
Among these talented individuals is a seriously skilled all-rounder, Paul Mitchell. Paul brings his vast game development experience to the studio, including experience from being a Senior Technical Director at Firemint (now known as FireMonkeys)… Whoop!

Looking forward to sharing the amazing work this talented team is producing soon!

New iPhone App to be launched soon for WOLF EMS!

Posted on : 10-10-2012 | By : Shannon | In : Developer

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Okay, so the Ignition blog has been awfully quiet of late, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy little bees here in the office.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been working closely with a client “WOLF Engine Management Systems” to create an iPhone application that connects wirelessly to their ECU.

The ECU (Electronic Computer Unit) is a complete engine management system that allows the user to control the Fuel Injectors and Fuel System, Ignition Coils and Igniters, Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission, Nitrous Oxide Injection, Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems, and More.

These units are developed for everything from aeroplanes, trucks, forklifts, performance vehicles and your stock standard every day car. The application we built for WOLF allows the user to connect wirelessly to the unit in their vehicle via their iPhone or iPad, and see what the ECU is doing while it is running.

Users can flick through different views allowing them to see one gauge at a time, multiple gauges or various inputs at once. The app also allows for data logging, which lets the user record what their engine is doing by pressing a record button. This captured data can then be viewed and analyzed later using the Wolf PC Software.

Basically an app for rev heads and car enthusiasts alike. So if you’d like to check it out when it launches, you can either keep an eye on this space or head over to http://wolfmotorsport.com.au/

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Sleepy Time released for FREE!

Posted on : 21-04-2012 | By : Luke | In : Press

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Sleepy Time for WP7

While Luke had a little spare time (which it is rare), he did a quick Windows Phone 7 app to help him get to sleep.

He did this as a technical exercise and as a challenge inspired by friend while on a holiday break. (Thanks Don!)

So we thought, hey, this may be useful to someone else! Lets share it for FREE!

Download for FREE!
More info can be found on the Sleepy Time webpage.