Online Media Marketing for Indie Developers – Part 3

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We have found Facebook to be an unprecedented marketing opportunity and, although one of the hardest forms of online media to master, it can provide great insights into your consumer that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Establish a strong profile

Your profile page is the first thing that people see when they arrive on your profile and advertises who you are and what product it is.
(Using Facebook For Small Business: The Ins And Outs, 2008)

It’s a balance between telling a story about who your company is and what your products are while ensuring the human element behind your company comes through. Allow your photos and profile information to reflect a narrative about your product, but still keep it spiced with little bits of fun information about the people behind the scenes. (Smith, 2007)

We found having a separate ‘home’ page which was set up like our website with static articles and our ‘wall’ which contained our interactive material, created a fairly strong profile for us. Our viewers were able to get the story about the company and the products we were providing whilst we were able to show our ‘human side’ with the posts we placed on our wall.

Online Media Marketing for Indie Developers – Part 2

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A Solid Foundation

As a self publishing indie developer we have found that understanding our expectations and applying those metrics to the following basic business marketing techniques means we have been able to create a solid working foundation for online marketing.

Customer service

Everybody wants to feel special in life and by making sure you respond to your consumers by asking their opinions and responding to them, you are letting them know you have recognised them and appreciate their input. (Krotz, 2011)

Become an online expert

You don’t need to become a ‘flaming’ blogger or critical ‘know it all’, but simply engage actively with your consumer in a manner that doesn’t focus solely on you wanting something in return.

By keeping in touch with blogs and online discussions and offering first hand advice about your experiences and knowledge, without charging for it, you are building relationships that can lead to more consumers of your products at a later date. Better yet, because you’re active in blogs and discussion you’re open to information and feedback that you wouldn’t come across through other channels.

Online Media Marketing for Indie Developers – Part 1

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Ignition Studios has just finished writing a white paper on our experiences with online marketing and the methods we’ve used to market ourselves using this media.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share points contained in the document with you guys here on our blog.

This was written with the “self publishing indie developer” in mind and can be used by anyone who would find the basic business marketing and online media marketing techniques and tips we’ve used to market our company useful.
We’ve added in our research links into the article as well, as we thought you might find them as interesting a read as we did.


Many games companies have started out with their main focus on creating games and not actively considering how it is they are going to market them. It’s a business mistake that happens time and again with many studios reporting on having done so. (Joslin, 2010) It’s not anyone’s fault in particular, it just seems to be the nature of the business when it comes to being an Indie games developer.

Historical Limitations

We’ve spent all of our time and momentum focused on creating brilliant games but we haven’t stopped to think about the marketing behind the business, or when we have stopped to think about it, we have been unsure of where to focus our energy and how much time would be required to do so properly. (Juuso, 2006)

  • How do we market our game and company
  • Who should we market to
  • What markets are there
  • What methods should we use to market our game
  • How much time should we spend on marketing
  • How do we measure whether we’re successful or not

More Prototyping.

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We’re back to prototyping ideas for our next Monkey adventure. Zeb and Mica will be putting down the golf clubs and getting up to all new mischief. Expect to hear more news soon.

In the meantime send us any suggestions for what fun you’d like to see the Monkeys get up to on Twitter and Facebook.