Online Media Marketing for Indie Developers – Part 4

Posted on : 02-11-2011 | By : Shannon | In : White Papers

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YouTube gives us the ability to be creative in the information we share with our consumers and allows us to be storytellers in doing so.

Create a strong brand through exposure

This is much the same as the points about building a strong profile and smart branding on Facebook. YouTube executive Bing Chen says you need to show your consumer what your brand is and use a good story to do so. (Robertson, 2011)

Pay attention to fundamentals

There’s no point having the tools there if you don’t use them. Make sure you tag your videos, create a story within the description and use annotations so that you can link your videos together.

Create brand engagement from your consumer

By managing your list of expectations for online media, you will be able to set out requirements for your consumer engagement. Do you want them to ‘like it’, ‘comment’ or ‘follow it’. If so, you will need to ensure you have the method for that set out before you create your video. Create good consumer engagement by  encouraging your consumer in the video to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your video when they have finished watching it. (Everett, 2011)

Lead Generation

Use the customer service skills we talked about earlier. Respond to your consumers comments with in-depth answers, such as why you’re thankful for their comments. (Robertson, 2011)

Classic talking heads

To create more brand engagement that isn’t specific to your product, create a video series offering first hand advice about your experience within the industry, or discussing issues that are relevant to your industry. This is a variation on what we discussed previously in Become an online expert. (5 ways to market your company on YouTube, 2008)

Interviews with interns

This is focused on creating a good company profile for if and when you wish to hire more staff. This probably won’t get a lot of traffic on YouTube, however keeping the conversation light and unscripted about what the interns have been up to in their day will be interesting enough to post on your website or Facebook to create traffic and therefore engagement.


LinkedIn is our online professional resume which give us the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and potential clients, as well as boost our company profile.

Boost your search engine optimisation

Change your website links on your profile page to have key words that can be picked up by a search engine. (Trower, 2010)

Promote your blog

If you have a WordPress website or blog, you can install it on LinkedIn and have updates from you website feed onto your profile.
This was easy for us to link to our profile due to us having a WordPress website and it saves us a lot of time in allowing us to spread our content management from Facebook to LinkedIn without any extra effort.

Gain valuable clients

LinkedIn gives you a connection to valuable industry and media professionals that in turn can help you boost your profile.

Get recommendations to gain clients

It’s the only social media where you can recommend someone for the professional work they have done. What better recommendation for a prospective client than someone who has worked for you before or who you have done work for and ties in well with the point in YouTube about interviewing your interns.

Online Media Marketing for Indie Developers – Final …

In our next and final post in the series we’ll look at time management of online media marketing and summarise our findings of the white paper.

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